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Production process

In 2014, Merel Ligtelijn, as heir to to the brand name of Van Zuylekom, Levert & Co. (1684 –1982), conceived the idea of reviving the brand name through the introduction of a unique liqueur made from organic tulips – the first of its kind.

In 2016, Ligtelijn met Frans Taselaar, the regional planning director of Zuidas, who was in search of a sustainable solution for the unattended field of Zuidas’ motorway underpass. Ligtelijn and Taselaar exchanged ideas, which soon culminated in this unique sustainable project. In the same year, 6000 organic tulips were planted on the steep slope, they were later harvested and processed for the tulip liqueur.


Selection of a strong tulip cultivar, preparing the slope, planting the bulbs and placing a fence to protect the tulips against vandalism.

Mannen planten tulpenbollen met behulp van klimtouwen en ladder
Twee mannn met zak tulpenbollen
mannen planten tulpen op het talud zuidas


A beautiful red carpet of flowers, information board placed, tulips harvested and processed, distillates tested and recipes developed. 

de tulpen groeien op zuidas en informatiebordje over project
tulpen in bloei op talud zuidas
het plukken van de tulpen
het scheiden van blaadjes en stampers
tulpenbladeren zuidas


Bottle selection, designing label/wrapper/packaging, creating website, presentation and launch of Primeur Zuidas liqueur, sales.

tulpenlikeur primeur zuidas flessen, a series of tulip liqueur bottles

All photos on this page by Anton Meester (except the ones of the information board and bottles).

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