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Project initiators
Merel Ligtelijn, Frans Taselaar

Merel Ligtelijn, publicist/journalist

The concept developer of Tulip Liqueur, and therefore responsible for the entire production process, including tulip bulb testing and distillation, bottling, marketing, copywriting, label, and sales. 

Frans Taselaar, Zuidas regional planning director 

Responsible for the planting and harvesting of 6000 tulip bulbs on the steep slope of A10 Zuidas. Taselaar is also involved with promotion and sales.

Chin-Lien Chen, Office of CC  

Designer of label, wrapper, packaging, website. 

With special thanks to... 

Anton Meester – former school garden master in Buitenveldert-Zuidas – supervised and assisted the tulip planting and harvesting. Meester as well photographed the life cycles of the tulips on the slope in Zuidas. 

Distiller of batch 1: De Pronckheer (Cothen)

Distiller of batch 2: Onder de Boompjes (Schiedam)

firma van zuylekom jubileum
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